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Welcome To Hobie Cat Southern Africa

South African distributors of products manufactured by the Hobie Cat Company. Our line of products ranges from kayaks, catamarans and pedalboards right through to the accessories related to each product.

Feel free to have a look around, if you know what you’re looking for please feel free to get in touch.

Hobie Catamarans

In the past four decades, more people have taken to the water on a Hobie catamaran than almost any other sailboat design.

Find out more about the Hobie Catsy, Dragoon, Getaway, 14, 15, 16, Pearl and Wild Cat.

Hobie Kayaks

Experience why the Hobie MirageDrive is a breakthrough design that maximizes fun and performance.

Find out more about our Pedal Kayaks, Pro Angler Fishing Kayaks, Mirage Inslands and Inflatable Pedal Kayaks.

Mirage Eclipse

Break free from the shore. Trade the well-worn path for a waterway. Step out of your routine and onto a pedalboard. Discover your paradise using MirageDrive leg power.

The MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology features legendary bioengineered performance. Power forward virtually hands-free.

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